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We create green waves in

Sustainable seafood

for people and planet

Investing in how our seafood is produced, ​processed and delivered to the planet’s ​caring community

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About Us

Creating Sustainable Seafood Supply Chain

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Identifying better farms and processors that have better practices

producing tastier and healthier food...

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Empowering Sustainable Business for a Better Future​!

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Our Story

In a world where conversations about sustainability echo ​everywhere, AquaWoo was born from a desire to turn words ​into actions. Time is of the essence, and our founders ​understood that mere discussions weren't enough to ​address the pressing needs of our planet. Driven by this ​urgency, they embarked on a mission to make a tangible ​difference.

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AquaWoo isn't just a company - it's a movement.

Our founders are meticulously crafting a diverse portfolio of ​businesses through acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, and ​collaborations with dedicated suppliers and consumers. Each entity ​within this portfolio being committed to 'walking the talk' when it ​comes to sustainability. Together, we will build responsible supply ​chains characterized by complete transparency and traceability.

At AquaWoo, we are united by a common goal: to create a ​sustainable future where every action counts and every second ​matters. Join us on our journey to make a real, lasting impact on ​our planet.

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Our Mission

AquaWoo was founded to develop Sustainable ​Seafood and follows a strategy to invest in companies ​and projects that promote the production of ​sustainable seafood, increasing the availability of ​nutritious food, strengthening global food security, ​providing real traceability, and supporting aquaculture ​communities and ecosystems

Our Approach

At AquaWoo, we are actively seeking investment ​opportunities in startups and growth companies. ​Whether a company looking for funding, strategic ​advice, or simply wish to be part of our evolving ​ecosystem, we invite you to partner with us in our quest ​to create a sustainable seafood supply chain.

Our mission extends beyond business; we aim to build ​an alliance that reshapes how seafood is produced, ​emphasizing sustainability at every step. We are also ​looking for responsible investors who share our vision ​and are eager to make a real impact.

Together, we can ensure that every link in the supply ​chain is transparent, responsible, and dedicated to the ​health of our planet.

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Join us at AquaWoo to build a profitable and ​sustainable future for the seafood industry.

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Our Team

With over 25 years of experience, our team excels in strategic ​planning, mergers and acquisitions, startups, and franchising. We ​have led multinational teams and implemented strategies across ​Asia, Europe, South America, and the USA, navigating growth, market ​downturns, and competition through innovative solutions.

Our founders have driven over $1 billion in revenues in 50+ countries. As ​passionate entrepreneurs, we focus on early-stage businesses in aquaculture, ​agriculture, biotechnology, life sciences, and food production.

Committed to sustainability, ​we aim to produce more with ​less and protect the planet ​for future generations.

Looking to investment in the ​Seafood supply chain?

What we look for

Investors seeking acquisitions, investment and ​partnerships in businesses encompassing anything ​connected to the seafood supply chain and those driving ​improvements in the traditional seafood industry.

Our deep sector experience and network is your gateway ​to investments that have a heart.

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creating green waves in

Sustainable seafood

for people and planet

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