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From Pond to Plate

Fresh from pristine ponds.

Prepared and Cooked to perfection by ​culinary artisans

Frozen to lock in

the natural flavours

Caring how our seafood is produced, ​processed and delivered to the ​planet’s caring community

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Fisherman throwing Fish Net on Lake

“Explore Our Diverse ​Shrimp Selection”.

At AquaWoo Seafood, we offer an array of shrimp ​products carefully curated to delight your taste ​buds. From succulent Black Tiger Prawns to flavour ​filled Vannamei Shrimp, delicious FreshWater ​Prawns, and Red-Claw Crayfish each option ​promises exceptional flavor and quality

From Pond to Plate

Uncle Asian fisherman with wicker tools.

“Partner With Us creating a ​sustainable seafood supply chain

We bridge the gap between conscious buyers and responsible ​processors & producers in Vietnam, driving demand for ​ethically-sourced, eco-friendly products through ESG and ​sustainable practices.

Green Check Mark

Quick, convenient and reliable access to the market

Green Check Mark

Great tasting ingredients straight from the farm

Green Check Mark

We audit, monitor and advise the farm and processors

Green Check Mark

Products tested and validated by our network of chefs

Green Check Mark

Low carbon logistics

Green Check Mark

Transparent sustainability report

Green Check Mark

Third-party certified for sustainable practices

Choose AquaWoo for seafood products that are not only delicious

but also ethically sourced and environmentally responsible

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Our Mission

Part of AquaWoo Group, AquaWoo Seafood takes pride in ​providing high-quality seafood, directly sourced from responsible ​processors & farmers in Vietnam complying ESG and sustainable ​practices. Quality and freshness are our top priorities, ensuring ​that each product consumers receive meets international ​standards.

We are committed to sustainability, traceability and ​transparency. Partnering with us means not only receiving high-​quality products but also contributing to build the responsible ​supply chain.

AquaWoo Seafood was founded to bring the ​best sustainable seafood from Vietnam to ​every kitchen in the world, promote the ​production of sustainable seafood, increasing ​the availability of nutritious food, strengthening ​global food security, providing real traceability, ​and supporting aquaculture communities and ​ecosystems.

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From Pond to Plate

Our Products

Pure harvest

Straight from the pond

Head-on Shell-On

Vannemei ​White Shrimp

FreshWater ​Prawns


Black Tiger ​Prawns

Redclaw ​Crayfish

“Size does


From petite to jumbo, AquaWoo Seafood’s ​shrimp sizes spark culinary innovation. Whether ​you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, our ​carefully selected shrimp varieties are just right ​for your dishes. Let your creativity flourish with ​AquaWoo!

All species are ​available in a range ​of sizes

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Culinary Canvas

Conveniently prepared.

Head, Tail, Vein removed

Headless ​Shell-Off

Peeled & ​Deveined

Headless ​Shell-On

NobasI - Stretched


Cooked to perfection

Cooked Straight ​from the pond ​Head-on Shell-on

Cooked Peeled ​Tail-on

Cooked Peeled ​Tail-off

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Finishing Touches

Three Shrimps

Going the extra mile in preparation

Breaded | Battered | Marinated

to perfection


& other batters

Various breaded finishes

Mariniades &


Numerous ​Packagings

trays, & wraps

Choose AquaWoo Seafood for

products that are not only delicious but also ethically sourced and environmentally responsible

Let us become your trusted partner


creating green waves in

Sustainable seafood

for people and planet

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